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Windows - in two parts 



Kayla Elrod

Windows is a two part audio/visual installation. Part one combines video projection, cardboard,

textured wallpaper, construction paper, wallpaper glue, spackling paste, two picture frames, and

one large wooden frame. Part two is a six cassette tape catalog with nine hours of recorded audio. 

The work is accompanied by a framed and mounted photo collage.


Initially, I wanted to respect the distance between us. 

We were neighbors with an unspoken agreement. 

What each of us displayed was obscured by framing, partially-drawn curtains, and the spaces between us. 

I started recording them on camera with a long-focus lens. I recorded nearly ten hours of footage, sometimes just for 30 seconds, other times for hours. At times this felt invasive, mostly at first, but as with most consistent practices, you get used to it, perhaps even entitled or possessive.

My view, my neighbors. 

Our relationship began to sour. I was distant. In an attempt to reconcile our differences, I’ve decided to expose myself. 

Windows in II Parts.png
Windows in II Parts.png
Windows in II Parts.png
Windows in II Parts.png
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