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Underwater Trabi Safari
360 VR Video/Audio Duration: 3 :31 


Exhibited during Berlin Art Week @ tropez

Aleksander Filipiak and Kayla Elrod

Screen Shot 2021-01-10 at 2.50.54 PM.png

A 360 video centers the viewer in the backseat of a 1980s Trabi while an underwater adventure acts out through the surrounding six windows, plus the review and side mirrors. A total of nine video tracks stitch together to form this adventure which begins at a normal carwash. The scene quickly changes from normal to magical as the viewer is launched into the depths of the ocean, facing enlarged crustacean twisting in and out of it’s shell. As the movie continues, the viewer goes through an underwater dinner party, a fishing expedition, close-ups of writhing anemones, scuba divers, and eventually back to the carwash with the final scene showing the heat dryer moving the droplets of water across the windows. This video aims to capture the magic conjured from carwash experience, playing on the imagination of the small passengers in the backseat. 

The audio soundtrack for Underwater Trabi Safari draws on the sounds of the 80s, matching the aesthetic of the make/model of the car with an added ethereal marine twist. Classic synthesizer sounds form an evolving backdrop which shifts as the car and its audience complete their journey through the underwater safari. The soundtrack serves as a slow and constant mood setter, mirroring the hue changes inside the car and their transitions, rather than attempting to synchronize with anything happening outside the car, viewed through its windows. 

Special Thanks to Trabi Safari Berlin for allowing us access to your Trabi, for providing an endless supply of footage, and Carson Bench for supplying us with a good ol' fashion carwash video. 

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