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Strand Straße


Public Performance


Kayla Elrod


My address is Landsberger Allee 89.

I live beside 6 lanes of traffic, 2 tram lines, a few sidewalks, a parking lot, and 2 bike lanes.

I am constantly reimagining my environment to inspire positive associations, else I loose my mind.

My nerve. My ability to act.

Tricking myself into sanity.

I imagine that outside my apartment lives the ocean, turning the traffic into crashing waves, replenishing my tolerance to live here now.

My exercise in imagination recontextualizes my relationship with an unpleasant environment, in hopes to be more productive, more at peace, more fun. 

Holding two shells over my ears, I walk in a bathing suit up and down Landsberger Allee. I turn the traffic into the ocean, lay down some sand, and enjoy the beach. 


The public performance resulted in a series of photographs courtesy of Aleksander Filipiak and a short film shot by Lottie Sebes and edited by Kayla Elrod. 

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