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Space Leaks

Installation / Performance


Artists: Kayla Elrod & Aleksander Filipiak

Space Leaks was a collaborative installation and performance series by Aleksander Filipiak and myself, Kayla Elrod, exhibited in the SoundSAbout gallery on January 30th - February 1st, 2020. This three-day exhibition showcased a seven-channel installation using PVC piping, tape, potted plants, LED light bulbs, fans, and sheets of plastic. The performers and their instruments were housed in semi-transparent, plastic inflated cubes for the duration of the exhibition. 

The concept for Space Leaks was to critique the limitations of white-cube gallery spaces, both in their structure and their inability to properly exhibit sound art. Our aim was to interact with the audience through the structure of the gallery itself. We created two plastic inflated cubes using sheets of semi-transparent plastic and seven sculptures using PVC plumbing pipes. 

Each of the PCV sculptures housed an LED lightbulb and a single speaker. Throughout the duration of the exhibition, we positioned ourselves inside each inflatable (sometimes sharing one), and performed with each other, the space, and our respective instruments. 

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