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Performance and Installation:

4-Channel Audio, Prepared floor, Polaroids, Pleaser, Mirrored Plinth 


Master Thesis Exhibition

UdK, Berlin


Kayla Elrod 

PLZ KRUSH is the title given to my installation and my age-restricted YouTube channel. Both document my performative research focusing on an oversized pair of vinyl platform heels—a hyper-sexual object primarily associated with sex workers and pole-fitness enthusiasts. My online presence nestles the shoes within fetish and ASMR communities, often showcasing their sonic potential through a pair of anonymous legs. With my research I want to explore the artistic potential within the aesthetics of these communities and discover what kind of value is placed on

works and labor in these various contexts, investigating the similarities and differences between fetish/sex work and academic artistic expression. With my installation I want to document my discoveries/performances and immerse my viewers in a world that represents the flavor of my findings, including a 4-channel sonic collage, shoes, mirrors, a prepared floor, and lots of pink lighting. 

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