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Kayla Elrod


I think of my body as segmented parts. In this performance I examine these parts through movement and voice, illustrating the pain and frustration I feel at my failed attempts to unite.

In Partition Composition I: Seen in Parts, I use my voice, body, lighting, and curtains to explore the relationship between my voice and body.

The curtains used in this piece (see SETUP below) are used as a visual interpretation of how I view my voice/body. The audience does not see my voice, but experiences it as I do, seeing my body as parts, as I do. The audience is simultaneously invited for an intimate experience and kept at bay. It’s this duality that further serves as a representation of my performance.

The sounds that push out of my body, mostly guttural, elevates my awareness of my body. The framing of the curtain gives my parts a moment to explore a life of independence while connecting with the released voice. 

I consider my voice the bridge between my inner and outer worlds. My body registers pain, or pleasure (though now I am focusing on the pain and the frustration of not being able to connect with either sensation), I recognize this pain/pleasure sensation and release it vocally.

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