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Kayla Elrod


I think of my body as segmented parts. In this performance I examine these parts through movement and voice, illustrating the pain and frustration I feel at my failed attempts to unite.

In Partition Composition I: Seen in Parts, I use my voice, body, lighting, and curtains to display the fractionary relationship between my voice and body.

The partitions used in this work create a keyhole to view my segmented body, enacting guttural screams, cracking bones, and choking knees. The raw sounds push out and their expressions elevate my awareness, bridging my inner and outer worlds. 

The source of my voice and the entirety of my body are obscured by the partitions, granting access to only parts at a time. The framing of the curtain gives my parts a moment to explore a life of independence while connecting with the released voice. 

By creating a voyeuristic journey of my dis/embodied voice, the audience is simultaneously invited for an intimate experience and kept at bay,


seeing me in parts. 

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