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In the likeness of

7 day performance/research practice with resulting Audio/Video Installation & Durational Performance


Kayla Elrod 

In the likeness of stems from a seven-day performance/research practice that took place between February 27th-March 6th, 2021. My motive was to investigate the objecthood of a speaker through a series of performative exercises and intense observations. The process was recorded and edited, resulting in a short film by the same title. The short film was then screened during a durational performance where I stood alongside the film wearing a modified speaker fixed atop my head. 


i walk along this strip of wire, humbled by the sounds of passing calls around
me, unanswered, unseen and gone. i miss a spot—tangled—led to you by
inevitable rules instinctually made, trying to get closer. In heels, unbalanced,
clumsy, pigeon toed and falling. A path by chance recognized only after falling for hours.
a line
a guided strip
leading to more mistreatment:
classified, categorized, listed.

i take my sight to see you.



Gripping battered nests and hosts
—unforgiving and wanted needed rest—
but i do not claim to save you just because i can twist the knotted lines and
have with me both my hands an able body needs to be impaired. How many
ways can i shape you? I me me. Bound to break and separate. Not knowing
which way’s north, not caring. Feeling strange so i walk a little further,
wrapped and bound and gagged, trying to be more like you, less like me, the
feeling of past being had. Breath. If you can remember push away the knotted
line. Spin so you can remember again, and once more.
And for a moment —just a moment— we are a pair and i believed you.


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