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Hold for Three

Sonic Performance 

Hošek Contemporary DE


Kayla Elrod & Lottie Sebes 

bellows (n.)

instrument for producing a current of air, especially for a fire, from middle English blaestbaelg, literally "blowing bag" (compare German Blasebalg). Related to belly (n.) from Proto-Indo-European *bhel-" to blow, swell."

bellow (v.)

from an imitative Proto-Indo-European root *bhel-" to sound, roar."Originally of animals, used of human beings since c. 1600. As a noun, 'a loud, deep cry".

Hold For Three is a performance exploring labor, (dis)functionality and the body. At the core of this performance are a collection of bellows, transformed and combined with other objects to create playable sonic instruments. These instruments form the set, costumes, and technological elements of the performance. Amplified performers undergo live electronic processing, crafting a composition that intertwines breath, dark drones, and industrial noise. The performers morph bodies into machinehood and objects into organs - unfolding a gruelling corporeal dramaturgy as an exploration of exhaustive toil. Initially presented at Zwitschermachine and Hošek Contemporary in July 2023, the performance challenges capitalist power structures by creating a nightmarish hallucination where labor and productivity reign supreme. This world is characterized by a detached, violent eroticism, fueled by desire, casting performers as mere tools in the machinery of perpetual operation. "Hold For Three" scrutinizes the narrative of technological 'progress' within the context of human labor.

photo_2023-08-10 18.19.14.jpeg

The Team

Lottie Sebes - Initial concept & Performance, Object design assistance

Kayla Elrod - Concept development & Performance, Object design assistance

Anna Maddalena Cingi- Object and Set Design

Aleksander Artur Filipiak - Sound Design

Victoria Momeño-ONIX - Dramaturgic collaboration & Acting coach

Kim Wichera @kimwichera - Documentation

gefordert durch die initiative neue musik berlin e.V.

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