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Hold for Three

Sonic Performance 

Hošek Contemporary DE


Kayla Elrod & Lottie Sebes 

photo_2023-08-10 18.19.14.jpeg

bellows (n.)

instrument for producing a current of air, especially for a fire, from middle English blaestbaelg, literally "blowing bag" (compare German Blasebalg). Related to belly (n.) from Proto-Indo-European *bhel-" to blow, swell."

bellow (v.)

from an imitative Proto-Indo-European root *bhel-" to sound, roar."Originally of animals, used of human beings since c. 1600. As a noun, 'a loud, deep cry".

'Hold for Three' delves into the dissonance of being entrapped in labor that one yearns to escape. Through the modification of bellows into musical instruments, the project unfolds as a haunting exploration of exhaustive toil. In collaboration with artist Lottie Sebes, we morph bodies into machinehood and objects into organs by using our entire body to perform repetitive movements to create a sadistically hypnotic soundtrack, edging ourselves to the brink of exhaustion as a result. The sounds, both dark and moody, interweave with peaks of harsh, electronically distorted noise as we probe the sonic capacities of our various bellows and push ourselves past our limits.

photo_2023-08-10 18.20_edited.jpg

The Team

Lottie Sebes - Initial concept & Performance, Object design assistance

Kayla Elrod - Concept development & Performance, Object design assistance

Anna Maddalena Cingi- Object and Set Design

Aleksander Artur Filipiak - Sound Design

Victoria Momeño-ONIX - Dramaturgic collaboration & Acting coach

Kim Wichera @kimwichera - Documentation

gefordert durch die initiative neue musik berlin e.V.

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