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Exploration in Parts-Part Legs


Installation @ Aperto Raum & Paper

22-25 October 2020

Exploration in Parts — Part Legs is an ongoing investigation that explores the body/voice relationship. In previous work, I vocalized my frustrations at my failed attempts to feel physically united. I move now to a calmer approach, viewing the power of the segmented body and considering my parts as collaborative and inspirational entities. Through this installation I bring forth my findings and questions using projected image, speakers, and a collage of field recordings and voice.

Clearing the space by closing my eyes, parting my legs, and spreading my breath through my body. I send my mind to my legs, or maybe my legs to my mind, it becomes tangled at times. Their forms flexing and spasming to the thought of being removed, detached and independent. A vision of flesh and stretch and leg turning clockwise at the knee, squirming freely in my mind, losing shape. I call out to them or they to me, I cannot tell. We improvise. Sounding and breathing together.

legs doc edited 2.png
legs doc 1 edited.png
 doc edited 4.png
legs doc edited 3.png
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