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Premiering in the 17th annual porn film festival: Hump! Fest.

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An exploration into the cyclical.

Pull it out and Stick it back.

She gags.

Plastic penetrates. 

1,000 YEARS

Short Film 2 minutes 19 seconds 


Artists: Kayla Elrod (sound artist),

Anonymous (performer/creator)

Anonymous (camera/director) 

The recording techniques used in this piece are inspired by the performer's actions. Just as they processes plastic through thier body, I use internal micing techniques, wrapping different microphones (DPA and contact) in plastic and inserting them both vaginally and orally. While the microphones are inserted, I play the cello, breath, and activate my voice. The resulting sharp glitches are that of the microphones interacting with my body--an object that isn't made to be there but is ingested, nonetheless. The imposter microphone mirrors the journey of the plastic that is created and consumed by our planet and the human body. 

"When the first film—ASMR art performance piece 1,000 Years—begins, the crowd whispers and then shouts, “Damn!” and, “Impressive!” as the actor pulls—excruciatingly slowly—a long plastic material from their vagina. They then ball it up and stuff it into their mouth as the gagging sounds vibrate through the theater. So, it begins. 

HUMP’s decision to begin the screening with 1,000 Years is a serious, experimental  display [...]" - Chicago Reader 

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